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The use of samples has been a major factor in the development of Techno music production, used by a majority of successful techno producers as a staple tool in their studio sessions.

The free sample pack Includes

- Single Hits; Drums, bass, synth and effects.

- Over 31 Loops; Drums, bass and synth

- Contains over 37 files, at 190 MB

There are many different ways that you could use these samples in your productions. Whether you are an artist looking to create a new track or someone who is struggling to find the right sound for their production. These samples are a must have for your sample library and most important of all, they’re free

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Taken from our Techno Sample Pack

Shades of Techno

The best way to use these samples is with your DAW's sample editor, where you can chop up, combine, and manipulate sounds to create new ones. We recommend you select sounds that work well together, for rhythm parts like snares, claps, hi-hats, Kicks, Toms and combine them with our selection of bass lines and lead instruments. 

The samples will also work for drag and drop loops, great for arranging in Ableton's performance view.

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