We created a simple but powerful calculator that converts tempo (BPM) and quantization values into milliseconds. This allows music producers and sound engineers to easily derive timing parameters to dial in effects or assist with mixing decisions.

Enter the Tempo and select the division, 1/4 is 1 beat when there are 4 beats to a bar.


Examples of use

Enter a track's BPM and set quantization to 1/4. The calculator instantly shows the length of a 1/4 note in ms. Use this value to set compressor release times to rhythmically pump in time. 

Or quantize to 1/8th notes and get perfect delay and reverb lengths to sync to the beat. No more guessing numbers until it "sounds right!"

Although having said that, be careful not to lose the human touch.

Further Examples

  • Set filter or tremolo LFO rates to match or divide the beat
  • Time visual effects or lighting cues to tenths of a bar  
  • Ensure audio loops always stay on grid
  • Derive micro-timing groove templates from human performances
  • Space guitar, drum, or voice stabs rhythmically between hits

Whether you produce Psytrance, Trap, Techno or Pop, this tool saves producers time wasted on manual calculations. Quickly set perfectly synchronized timings to make mixing more interesting.

I hope you found our BPM to Millisecond Converter Useful.