Melodic Techno Loops, Arps, Bass, and Chord progression from Goldern Circle! 

If you are a fan of the unique Berlin-based electronic outfit, Tale of us, then this pack is made for you.

With a huge focus on quality production and sound design, this is a great sample pack!

These Melodic Techno samples come as a flexible construction kit, including multiple choices of Baselines, Chord progressions, Pads, and various other combinations of leads and Arps, designed to bring melody to your Techno tracks. In the style of Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn, and Tale of Us.

Tales of melodies show off some excellent creative compositions, and loops with appropriate synthesis modulation, all mixed to a seriously high pro-audio standard.

As you can hear from the demos, these samples we will work with House, Tech-House, Trance, and Techno genres to create some epic productions. 

This sample pack is 580Mb, of 24bit Wav Loops

Included in this Melodic Techno Sample Pack;

  • Arps - 38 Files
  • Basses - 42 Files
  • Chords  -10 Files
  • Leads - 33 Files
  • Melody - 46 Files
  • Pad - 2 Files
  • Pluck - 4 Files
  • Stab - 1 File
  • Drum Loop
  • Ableton Mastering Rack
  • FL Studio Mastering Rack

Melodic Techno: What Is It?

Trance music has a significant (debated, but extremely likely) effect on Techno's subgenre Melodic Techno. Compared to other Techno genres, melodic techno frequently places more emphasis on a melodic progression. It moves at a slower pace than Trance, typically between 120 and 125 beats per minute, and uses softer percussion inspired by other styles of Techno, such as Minimal Techno, Deep Techno, and Deep House.

Short History of Melodic Techno

Melodic Techno and Ambient Techno have been part of Techno since 1990 with artists such as Carl Craig, Black Dog, and the legendary Aphex Twin. Stephan Bodzin released Liebe Ist in 2007, North Star by "Tale of Us" was released in 2015, and the genre label Melodic Techno was being used more and more.

Today Melodic Techno is a hugely popular style of Techno, created or played by the likes of Joris Voorn, Afterlife, Space Motion, Monolink and Solomun. The genre also features at huge festivals such as Awakenings Festival in the Netherlands, Exit Festival in Serbia, and Tomorrowland in Belgium.