If you are a fan of the unique Berlin based electronic outfit, Tale of us, then this pack is made for you.

With a huge focus on quality, this is a great sample pack! 

These Melody samples come as a flexible construction kit, including multiple choices of Baselines, Chord progressions, Pads and various other combinations of leads and Arps, designed and produced to work together.

Tales of melodies shows off some excellent creative compositions, loops with appropriate synthesis modulation all mixed to a seriously high pro audio standard.

As you can hear from the demos, these samples we will work with House, Tech-House, Trance and Techno genres to create some epic productions. 

This sample pack is 580Mb and contains the following files

  • Arps - 38 Files
  • Basses - 42 Files
  • Chords  -10 Files
  • Leads - 33 Files
  • Melody - 46 Files
  • Pad - 2 Files
  • Pluck - 4 Files
  • Stab - 1 Files
  • Drum Loop
  • Ableton Mastering Rack
  • FL Studio Mastering Rack