This video will show you how to make the de-tuned sub bass, like Shy FX, Break and Serum. A popular bass used in jump-up and roller drum and bass.

Stranjah uses Serum, Massive, Massive X and Operator, demonstrating how the sound design translates into multiple synthesiser platforms.

The tutorial demonstrates 2 different ways to achieve the sub bass wobble. Both examples make use of sign waves, noise and distortion.

The first example uses 2 detuned oscillators to create a phasing/wobble effect, a staple technique used in old school jungle. With phasing oscillators the speed of the wobble will change depending on the note you play which bring loads of life to the sound.

The second example demonstrates a more modern technique to achieve a similar wobble, this time using 1 oscillator and a LFO to modulate volume. Key tracking is also explained to add the multi speed wobble, similar to example 1.

These examples the fundamental techniques used in most drum and bass and dubstep bass sounds.  To build on these ideas you could try routing your LFO to other parameters instead of just the volume, these could include cutoff, distortion, noise and even delay effects to layer the sub bass with mid and top bass sounds depending on the sound you want to achieve.