This is a great drum and bass tutorial to help you improve your bass lines.

As usual, the points are clear, concise and thought provoking. Stranjah will show you 10 MIDI bass patterns which make up the fundamentals in drum and bass. 

Although this tutorial doesn't really talk about melodic content, it's purely about rhythm, which, to be fair, is one of the most important parts of drum and bass.

The patterns are simple, but you will hear these rhythms used in many of your favorite tracks. The quantitation used include, 1/4, 1/8 and dotted notes to create rhythms used for Reggaeton, Neuro, Dance Hall, 2-step, Jump Up and Jungle.

A simple 808 is mostly used in the examples, as its percussive nature makes it easier to hear, and feel the different rhythms created just by making simple changes.

After mastering the different rhythms, I would encourage you to explore different variations in pitches to create melodic progressions. I would also recommend Stranjahs drum pattern tutorial to really became a master in drum and bass rhythms.