Although this technique is exampled in electronic bass music, it can be used in any genre!

It's an amazingly useful tool, to cheat, experiment, or advance your knowledge of music theory. Selecting and playing even the most advanced scales without error.

No matter what your skill level is in musicianship and music theory, this is a fun and useful tool for anyone.

If you didn't know it existed, or even know how to use it, this Ableton tool is seriously fun!

- [00:00]This video introduces a useful music hack for those who lack music theory knowledge in writing melodies and basslines.

- [00:54]The tool discussed is called "Scale," found under MIDI effects in Ableton Live, offering around 50 different musical scales to help compose melodies.

- [03:11]Setting the root note of the scale to match the key of your track ensures that any notes you play or write will be corrected to fit the chosen scale, creating a consistent vibe.

- [05:35] You can draw notes in your MIDI clip, and the tool will correct them to fit the selected scale, making it easier to create melodies and basslines.

- [07:06] Experimenting with different scales and drawing notes can help you quickly create basslines and melodies, even without advanced music theory knowledge.

- [09:19] The "Transpose" parameter allows you to shift the key of your melody quickly, but you should know how many semitones you need to move for a precise key change.

- [10:26] While the tool is a helpful hack, it's recommended to learn some basic music theory for better creative control as a music producer.