Another one from our favorite YouTube drum and bass producer and tutor, Stranjah. The video is titled "Unlocking Liquid DnB Bass Secrets" which focuses on bass composition and rhythmic techniques for liquid dnb bass production.

In this video, Stranjah shares his top 10 bassline patterns, tailor-made for producing liquid drum and bass. Stranjah goes the extra mile by dissecting each bass pattern, offering a step-by-step guide on how to make them unique. Moreover, he delves deep into bassline notations, touching on the foundational knowledge needed to craft great basslines. Stranjah also includes a bonus segment, introducing two moody and dark bassline patterns for those seeking a unique sonic experience.

let's dive into the technical takeaways from this video.

Bassline Notation:

Stranjah emphasizes the significance of understanding bassline notation, which is crucial for crafting captivating bass patterns. Viewers learn to read and create bassline notations with complimenting chord progressions, laying essential foundations for a track.

Key Selection

Highlights the importance of selecting the right musical key for your track, and encourages viewers to choose keys that harmonize seamlessly with their bassline patterns, whether it's F sharp minor or another key of their preference.

Pattern Play:

Illustrating the creative potential of experimenting with note placements and lengths to alter the mood of a track. you will be encouraged to play with the positioning and duration of notes within their basslines, adding uniqueness and creativity to their compositions.

Contextualize Music:

Stranjah discusses how applying the same bassline patterns to different musical backdrops can evoke diverse emotions. By changing the context or background of a vocal or sample, music producers can manipulate the emotional depth and vibe of their tracks.

Harness the Bass Presets:

The choice of bass presets can significantly impact the sound. He shows how adding a perfect fifth note to the bassline can infuse a unique flavor into the music, creating a signature sound.

Bonus Patterns:

Two moody and dark bassline patterns, expand their creative horizons. These bonus patterns serve as inspiration, encouraging producers to experiment with different moods and styles in their music.

Leave Your Mark:

The importance of personalizing the provided patterns with additional notes and one's artistic vision. Viewers are encouraged to add their unique signature to the patterns, making them distinct and memorable.

These production techniques are invaluable for music producers, especially those interested in producing liquid dnb. By having an understanding and mastering the techniques, you will be able to apply them creatively, producers can develop their unique sound within the genre.