Master your music with Automated and AI mastering! - Test it for Free!

Automated and AI mastering has been with us for around a decade now, it has evolved throughout that time becoming far more sophisticated and flexible. But just how good is it with 2024 technology?

Services like Landr and BandLab mastering boast millions of users, indicating a significant chunk of musicians are embracing this technology. While AI can enhance clarity and loudness quickly and cost-effectively, some argue it lacks the finesse of a human engineer who can tailor the sound to the artist's vision and genre.

With high-level advancements in AI, how far has this now become?

Why don't you see for yourself?

Load your track and hear the master a few minutes later. It's free to try, however, if you wanted a copy of the master then you would need to reach for your wallet.

Master music online and hear the results!

It is currently under beta testing so please test the master before making any purchases. Having said that, it's still well worth a try! It can achieve some great results at a fraction of the cost of a mastering studio.

Pros of AI Mastering for Music Production:

  • Speed and Convenience: Get a master quickly without studio visits.
  • Affordability: Often cheaper than hiring a mastering engineer.
  • Good Starting Point: Can improve the overall sound quality for demos or self-releases.
  • Reference Track: You can use tracks on Spotify to influence the AI master. 
  • It's free to test it: if you are not happy with the results then you haven't lost anything

Cons of AI Mastering for Music Production:

  • Limited Control: Less customization compared to working with an engineer.
  • The Artistic Touch: Might not achieve the specific vibe or feel that certain Mastering engineers are known for.

Ultimately it boils down to budget, for a quick and cost-effective option then this provides a great solution.

If you would prefer to be hands-on with the process and learn how to master your music manually, then I would recommend checking out Stranjah's process for mastering audio for drum and bass

Happy Producing.