Gain access to the whole music production process of these 5 stunning synth-pop tracks.

This outstanding Sample Pack comes from Cloudy Samples, delivering another beautiful melodic music production toolkit, this time aimed at pop and electronica genres.

Centered around 5 song ideas and broken down into multi-track recordings, including the raw composition MIDI data, sound design presets, and mixdown examples. Perfect for producers looking to speed up their workflow and gain inspiration, with the flexibility to change any part of the composition, sound design, or mix. Introduce new ideas, and learn from professional producers recognized for their melodic productions and arrangements.

This melodic pop Sample pack contains 49 WAV Loops to drag and drop, edit and re-arrange, 23 MIDI compositions to route to any sound imaginable, 23 Synth Presets for Revel Spire, and Mixdown examples of 5 different track arrangements. Not only an educational tool but also a shortcut to producing high-quality synth-pop which can rival the top commercial tracks in the charts.

Work with Drum and Percussive Samples, Synth Bass Sounds, Pads, Plucks, and recordings from various keyboards to create hit tracks with ease. Covering the Tempos 125bpm, 135bpm, 140bpm and 152bpm. As you will hear from the demo, despite the high tempos, the majority of the tracks are created in half-time.

Royalty-Free Samples and Compositions

This package includes a license permitting you to use the song's compositions and recordings in any commercial production without sharing a royalty percentage.

Included in this Production Toolkit;

  • 5 Construction Kits (full song arrangements)
  • 49 WAV Loops (melodic and rhythmic phrases)
  • 23 MIDI Files (melodic composition data)
  • 23 Spire Presets (sound design patches for Reveal Spire)
  • 5 Mixdown Examples (demonstrations of final song mixes)
  • 101 Total Files
  • 221 MB Unzipped File Size

To access synthesizer presets, you need an up to date Reveal Sound's Spire.

Benefits of After Dark - Melodic Pop Samples and MIDI:

  • Learn From The Pros: Gain access to the complete production process behind 5 professional synth-pop tracks. Analyze the construction, sound design, and mixing choices used by skilled producers.
  • Fast-Track Your Workflow: Get a head start on your next song with 5 full song arrangements (Construction Kits) ready to be customized.
  • Creative Inspiration: Explore 49 pre-recorded melodic phrases (WAV Loops) and 23 MIDI compositions to spark new ideas and build upon existing ones.
  • Control & Flexibility: Edit and manipulate every element within the song arrangements. Change the composition, sound design (using the included presets), and mix to perfectly fit your vision.
  • Chart-Ready Sounds: Utilize a diverse sound library including drums, percussion, synth basses, pads, plucks, and various keyboard recordings to achieve professional-sounding productions.
  • Master Different Tempos: Experiment with a variety of tempos (125bpm, 135bpm, 140bpm, and 152bpm) to find the perfect groove for your track. 
  • Learn From Included Mixdowns: Analyze and learn from 5 included mixdown examples to improve your mixing skills and achieve polished results.
  • Royalty-Free: All samples and compositions are royalty-free, allowing you to incorporate them into your commercial projects without any licensing limitations.

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