Immerse yourself in the high-octane world of hard-hitting tech house - a masterfully crafted sample pack overflowing with 280 royalty-free samples including 130 WAV loops, 32 MIDI compositions, and a variety of One-shot Drum samples. This meticulously produced collection captures the raw energy and hypnotic grooves defining this exhilarating genre.


Drawing inspiration from scene titans like Chris Lake, James Hype, DONT BLINK, and the forward-thinking labels Dirtybird, Insomniac, and Stereo Hype, Boozy House encapsulates the gritty, high-impact sound taking dancefloors by storm. Bass lines ooze with analog warmth, drums punch with precision, and synths cut through mixes with searing conviction. From distorted, warehouse-ready raves to filtered, rolling underground vibes - this pack delivers all the ammo needed to craft authentic tech house grenades.  


Take control of your sound with the included MIDI files allowing infinite manipulation of melodies, basslines, and harmonies using your own plugins and instruments. Tweak patterns, change keys, reassign sounds - the creative possibilities are limitless. Customize riser FX, synth basslines, Leads, Stabs, and more to inject your signature sound into each track. For endless inspiration, combine the MIDI with the diverse selection of meticulously mixed loops.


Tempo at 128bpm

Sourced from a range of revered synth workstations and drum machines, these royalty-free loops run the gamut from punchy drums and hard-hitting bass to tripped out atmospheres and searing hooks. Seamlessly dragged and dropped into your DAW for instantly locking groove and vibe. Loops include full drum kits, basslines, percussion, FX utilities, synth stabs, and more spanning multiple tempos and keys. One-shot samples provide extra firepower for crafting custom beats and fills.

Product Details:

Construction Kits:

  • Made up of:
    • MIDI compositions: 27
    • WAV Loops: 108

Bonus Loops:

  • Top Loops: 10
  • Analog Kick Loops: 05
  • Full Drum Loops: 05
  • FX Loops: 08
  • Bass Loops + MIDI: 05

One Shot Samples:

  • Bass One Shots: 05
  • Kick Analog One Shots: 05
  • Clap One Shots: 10
  • Hat One Shots: 10


  • 280 All Files (Rex-Wav, Midi)
  • Bpm, Tempo & Key Labeled
  • Royalty Free


Authentic Tech House Sound - Loops and samples infused with the raw, warehouse-ready vibe of today's tech house titans.

Inspire New Tracks Fast - Professionally produced content provides a strong starting point for cooking up fresh bangers.  

Tweak Every Element - MIDI files enable sound design of harmonies, melodies, and your signature sound.

Add Sonic Flare - Sophisticated sound selection covers drum hits, atmospheres, stabs and more to embellish productions. 

Tap Into A Vibe - Multi-sampled instruments, analog sources, and rich processing gel loops into a cohesive, powerful sound.

Endless Remix Potential - Break apart loops, deconstruct drum sounds, re-sequence MIDI grooves, and more for remixing.

Commercial Muscle - Royalty-free license means freedom to use in any commercial release with no legal fees.

Whether jumping into a fresh template or patching the missing piece in your current project, Boozy House equips you with cutting-edge, genre-blurring sounds engineered for explosive tech house heat. Punch up your productions today.

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