How to make "Liquor and Cigarettes" by Chase and Status

Welcome to our in-depth music production tutorial, where we'll guide you through the process of recreating the elements of the SMASH hit "Liquor and Cigarettes" by Chase & Status, Hedex, featuring Arty. This tutorial focuses on the intro, high-energy drums, and the signature gritty bass sound of this massive Jump Up DNB track of 2023.

Who better than YouTube music production educator Stranjah to take us through the recreation process;

Section 1: Intro and Drums

- The tutorial begins with recreating the melodic and jazzy elements of the intro, featuring brass ensembles, solo synth stabs, and saxophone leads.

- Detailed explanation of drum layering using various breaks, kicks, snares, and additional shuffle loops to achieve the energetic drum track.

- Tips on processing the drum bus for cohesion and excitement.

Section 2: Main Gritty Bass Sound

- Dive into the main gritty bass sound using Serum and the UK tour preset from the Gnarly Serum Preset Pack.

- Step-by-step breakdown of the Serum settings, including wavetable selection, modulation, distortion, and effects to achieve the distinctive bass sound.

- Explanation of using Glide and modulation for a jump-up UK vibe.

Section 3: Additional Elements and Arrangement

- Adding extra elements such as vocal snippets and brass stabs for dynamic pauses in the arrangement.

- Introduction to a low-pass Reese bass that adds depth and variation to the track.

- Detailed breakdown of the arrangement, including switches, drops, and how various elements come together.

Section 4: Final Performance

- A playful performance of the recreated track's lyrics to showcase the final result.

- Emphasis on the high-energy, dynamic elements that make "Liquor and Cigarettes" stand out.

- Closing remarks, encouraging viewers to explore the provided samples and presets on the tutorial page.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a solid understanding of how to recreate the key elements of "Liquor and Cigarettes." Feel free to explore the provided samples and presets to enhance your productions. Don't forget to check out the referenced video for a visual guide and more insights from the tutorial creator.

Video timeline

[00:00 - 00:50] Introduction and Overview:

  - Introduction to the video and the track "Liquor and Cigarettes."

  - Mention of collaborating artists (Chase & Status, Hedex, Arty).

  - Overview of what viewers will learn in the tutorial.

[01:04 - 02:58] Drums Tutorial:

  - Explanation and demonstration of creating the main beat using various drum layers.

  - Introduction to the sample library and plugins used for drum production.

  - Grouping and processing the drum layers for cohesion.

[03:20 - 06:31] Intro Sounds Tutorial:

  - Breakdown of recreating the brass ensemble, solo synth stab, and saxophone lead in the track's intro.

  - Explanation of Kontakt brass ensemble and solo synth stab creation.

  - Introduction to creating the saxophone lead using Kontakt.

[06:51 - 07:55] Sponsored Segment:

[09:17 - 12:50] Main Gritty Bass Sound Tutorial:

  - Breakdown of recreating the main gritty bass sound using Serum.

  - Explanation of Serum settings, wavetables, modulation, and effects.

  - Introduction to creating a wobble sound using a different preset.

[13:58 - 14:55] Additional Vocal and Brass Elements:

  - Incorporating vocal snippets and brass stabs for dynamic pauses in the arrangement.

  - Explanation and demonstration of using these elements for added impact.

[15:11 - 16:31] Low-Pass Reese Bass Tutorial:

  - Introduction to a subdued low-pass Reese bass that comes in after the main gritty bass section.

  - Explanation of creating the Reese bass sequence mirroring the intro progression.

[16:31 - 18:47] Final Performance and Conclusion:

  - Playful performance of the recreated track's lyrics.

  - Closing remarks, thanking viewers for watching and encouraging exploration of provided samples and presets.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make "Liquor and Cigarettes" by Chase and Status. If you did, then please check out our other tutorials on producing like chase and status