UK Dnb legends, production tips, and tricks.

Chase & Status, the iconic British electronic music duo Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status), has left a huge mark on drum and bass. From their humble beginnings with Renegade Hardware to collaborations with renowned artists like Dizzee Rascal, Plan B, and Kano, their genre-bending productions and explosive live performances have cemented their place in the DnB Hall of Fame. For aspiring music producers seeking to know how to produce like Chase and Status, we will explore their studio equipment, production techniques, and sources of inspiration.

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Equipment: What we know

1. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW):

   Chase & Status's primary DAW is Ableton Live, known for its flexibility and powerful capabilities in both production and live performances. While they've also mentioned using Pro Tools and Logic in the past, Ableton Live remains at the core of their creative process.

2. Hardware Enthusiasts:

   The duo embraces hardware in their setup, showcasing a diverse range of equipment. Samplers like the Akai MPC3000 and Native Instruments Maschine contribute to their tactile approach. Synths such as the Moog Voyager and Roland Juno-106 provide rich sonic palettes, while vintage effects units like the Lexicon PCM70 add character to their sound.

3. Microphones:

   For recording vocals and capturing the energy of their live shows, Chase & Status opts for Shure SM7B and Neumann U87 microphones. These choices highlight their commitment to achieving high-quality audio capture in various settings.

Production Techniques:

1. Breakbeat Manipulation:

   At the heart of their production lies the manipulation of breakbeats. Chase & Status intricately layer, chop, pitch, reverse, and filter breaks, creating complex rhythms and crafting intricate drum fills. This fundamental technique forms the backbone of their dynamic tracks.

2. Bass Manipulation:

   The duo is renowned for their heavy, sub-shaking basslines. Achieving this signature sound involves layering synth patches, employing distortion and saturation, and utilizing sidechain compression to carve out space for the bass within the mix.

3. Vocal Integration:

   Seamlessly blending soulful vocals with the intensity of DnB, Chase & Status employs high-pass filters and delays to create ethereal atmospheres around the vocals. This juxtaposition with aggressive drums and bass results in a unique and compelling sonic identity.

4. Songwriting and Arrangement:

   While celebrated for their dancefloor anthems, Chase & Status's prowess extends to crafting dynamic and introspective tracks. Utilizing contrasting sections, build-ups, drops, and unexpected genre blends, they keep listeners engaged and invested in the journey of each composition.

Chase and Status boast extensive experience in producing drum and bass. Like many other producers, they have likely experimented with various pieces of equipment over time. However, it's evident that they also have a set of go-to home favorites. To sound like them I wouldn't get bogged down in the equipment, it's more about the creative process and the direction rather than what was used to do it.

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