Unique Hip-Hop and Trap Compositions with RnB Trap Samples

Introducing "Silver Records" - a cutting-edge Trap Sample Pack produced by ASHKA with AOTBB Sample Pack Label. These Royalty-Free, soulful, RnB Trap Samples are brimming with high quality production possibilities. Bringing sonic innovation with this music production construction kit, featuring 77 WAV Loops and 56 MIDI Files. A musical journey though the smoother side of Trap with downtempo vibes and nu soul grooves. 

Instrument Loops

Unleash your creativity with a diverse array of instruments, including the iconic 808, soulful electric guitars, lush Rhodes, hard-hitting synth stabs, textured plucks, ethereal pad soundscapes, evocative keys, mellow bass grooves, and intricately mixed drum and percussion loops. 

Dynamic Drum Loops

Elevate your beats with a comprehensive selection of drums, including Drum Loops for rhythmic complexity, Hi Hat Loops for dynamic energy, Percussion Loops for subtle embellishments, and Kick Loops for a solid foundation.

Versatile Tempos

Navigate through musical landscapes with ease as "Silver Records" covers a spectrum of tempos, including 138bpm, 152bpm, 146bpm, 124bpm, 150bpm, and 142bpm. This versatility empowers you to experiment and craft compositions that transcend genre boundaries.

Creative Potential with MIDI

Seize complete control over your musical canvas with the included MIDI files. These empower you to dictate the intricacies of every note, providing a level of precision that out classes conventional sampling. Whether you aspire to edit the composition or transform the melodies into any sound imaginable, or prefer the seamless workflow of Dragging and Dropping WAV files directly into your chosen Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), "Silver Records" ensures that your creative journey remains effortlessly dynamic and boundless. Use the power of MIDI to sculpt your compositions with unparalleled flexibility, transforming your ideas into sonic masterpieces with precision and ease.

Meticulous Quality Control

Every element within "Silver Records" has undergone careful recording and mixing to ensure maximal usability and high quality impact. Edit and chop the loops to create a unique sonic signature that resonates with your artistic vision, or use the compositions as they are to build your own hit track.


Enjoy the freedom to use all loops and samples in your commercial projects without any legal constraints or extra costs. This products include a license which grants our customers the rights to use these samples in any project no matter how commercially successful.

Product Contents:

  • 77 WAV Loops (Including Drums and Melodic Riffs, Progressions and Phrases)
  • 56 MIDI Files
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV Quality
  • BPM and Key Labeled
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files

A substantial collection comprising 133 files, with a total size of 343 MB.

Further your music production journey with "Silver Records" - where innovation meets inspiration. This toolkit empowers you to craft your sonic masterpiece and make waves in the world of Hip-Hop and Trap. Transform your beats, captivate your audience, and define your sound with the unparalleled richness of "Silver Records". 

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