This one has Groove, Funk and Soul, A mighty punch of inspiration! Bronze Record - Soulful Trap Samples

Introducing "Bronze Record" - Soulful Trap Samples, an electrifying creation produced by Ashka from the world-renowned sample label AOTBB. This product offers producers a gateway to inspiration, featuring elements, instruments, and production techniques influenced by the titans of Trap and Soul. This collection serves as a song starter building block, offering the flexibility to rearrange, edit, wrap, or re-pitch the elements to suit your creative vision.

Sample Pack Features

  • 35 WAV Loops (Including Drums and Melodic and Bass patterns)
  • 29 MIDI Files
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV Quality
  • Key & Tempo Labelled
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Groove, Funk, and Soul

Experience the essence of groove, funk, and soul from the sounds of Bronze Record. Inspired by top musicians like Drake, ASAP Rocky, and Travis Scott, this pack offers a mighty punch of inspiration and a new versatile addition to your toolkit.

Creative Freedom with MIDI

Not just your average sample pack, "Bronze Record" provides producers with the unparalleled benefit of MIDI files. This allows you to edit to the point of re-composing the entire track, offering an exceptional level of creative freedom. With MIDI, you're not just locked into the provided melodies – you can reshape and redefine them to match your unique vision. Not to mention, assigning the MIDI to any sound you can imagine and design.

Royalty-Free Trap Samples

All sounds and samples in Bronze Record are licensed as 100% Royalty-Free. Feel free to use them in your commercial productions or DJ/Remix projects without any legal hassles or extra costs.

These Samples offer a versatile array of instruments, including;

808 Loops: Ground your beats with powerful low-end impact.

Deep Bass Loops: Infuse soulful and melodic undertones.

Brass Elements: Add regal and dynamic presence to your sound.

Rhodes Tones: Immerse in warm and nostalgic vibes.

Plucks for Texture: Introduce intricate and unique sonic textures.

Varied Tempos:

The loops cover 5 different Tempos, 128bpm, 112bpm, 139bpm, 146bpm, and 160bpm. 

Spark Your Creativity

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting, Bronze Record from ASHKA is perfect for those looking to work with something different. Give your unfinished tracks the boost they need and breathe new life into your music with this soulful trap sample pack.

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