MVTIVS Everything Trap Pack Bundle: Your Comprehensive Trap Music Production Toolkit

Everything Trap Pack Bundle offers an all-in-one Production and compositional toolkit for creating high-quality Trap. Combing a diverse selection of professional quality sounds, loops, and MIDI to enhance, inspire, and educate. Use the construction kits as building blocks, or edit and manipulate the samples to get creative and make them your own.

Inside this Trap pack, you'll find a vast collection of essential sounds, from powerful 808 basses to punchy drum loops, crisp hi-hats, snappy snares, and thunderous kicks – the very core of every trap classic. Whether you're crafting gritty trap bangers or melodic, trap-infused tracks, this bundle offers the versatility to fuel your creative vision.

Additionally, the product includes professionally mixed and mastered vocal chops, melodies, and a great section of Trap drum loops to speed up your workflow and enhance your arrangements. Use them as the foundation for your next production or manipulate them by time-stretching, re-pitching, chopping, adding effects, or load them into your favorite sampler for boundless creative opportunities.

Approaching 1000 files for a huge discounted price

The Included MIDI files give you an incredible level of control and versatility over the composition and the sound. You can easily modify, arrange, and modulate the musical elements in your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW) to fit your unique creative vision. Whether you want to tweak melodies, adjust drum patterns, or experiment with different sounds, MIDI provides you with the power to sculpt each element to perfection. Additionally, having access to the MIDI files allows you to delve into the inner workings of how trap music is composed. You can analyze the structure and arrangement of professional trap tracks, gaining valuable insights into the genre's unique style and complexity.

Our user-friendly organization ensures that you can easily access the right sounds to work with your production. Each sample and MIDI file has been meticulously processed and optimized for effortless integration into your preferred music production software. 

Whether you're a seasoned trap producer or just starting out in the genre, the Everything Trap Bundle is an invaluable resource for crafting professional-quality Trap.

Included Trap Sample Packs:

Drill Madness
Matrix Trap
Safe Action

Samples and MIDI included;

• 50 Construction Kits
• 606 WAV Loops (Drums, Percussion, Bassline, and Melodic Samples)
• 321 MIDI Files (Melodic Compositions & Drums patterns)

This Trap pack comes with a Royalty-Free License allowing you to use the samples or MIDI compositions in your own commercial productions without any further costs. The Trap loops in this product cover tempos ranging between 140bpm to 160bpm and the files are compatible with all major DAWs, such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One, and more

Due to the size of this Trap pack, you have the flexibility to cherry-pick sounds and samples to fit your imagination while complementing your track's mood and style. Experiment by automating effects to create dynamic changes and make these sounds uniquely yours.

The Everything Trap Bundle is a discounted product offering an exceptional saving of over £100. Add to your basket and instantly download to start your new production today.