Find triplet Hi-Hats, hard-hitting 808's, and full drum loops in this Trap Sample and MIDI Kit

Create Unique Trap Beats with this Trap MIDI and Sample Pack

"Mirror Trap" by MVTIVS is the ultimate tool for Trap music producers who crave unique and high-quality sounds. This pack includes 43 MIDI music loops and drum grooves and 53 loops and samples that are perfect for creating hard-hitting Trap beats.

With "Mirror Trap", you'll have access to a variety of sounds and MIDI compositions including Triplet Hi-hats, half-time drums, syncopated percussion, hard-hitting 808s, full drum loops, atmospheric pads, and melody loops. These sounds are designed to work together or be edited, remixed, and re-arranged to create something that is truly unique to you.

The 43 MIDI files included in this pack provide you with complete customization and editing capabilities. You can easily adjust the key and tempo of the MIDI files as well as many other editing options to fit your production needs.

The pack also includes 53 loops and samples that are pre-mixed and organized for easy drag-and-drop compatibility. These samples provide you with a wide range of sounds, from hard-hitting 808s and drums to atmospheric pads and melodies.

"Mirror Trap" is an essential tool for both beginners and experienced producers. The easy-to-use MIDI files and samples provide you with all the tools you need to create professional-grade beats that are sure to impress.

Product Details:

• 43 MIDI Music Loops and Drum Grooves

• 53 Loops and Samples

• Key and Tempo Labelled

• 100% Royalty-Free

Take your Trap productions to the next level with "Mirror Trap" by MVTIVS. Download your copy today and start creating your own unique sound.