Dance to a new rhythm with Ashka's Latin-inspired Afrobeat Samples

A rhythmic journey that transcends borders with "KU LU SA VOL 4." Crafted by the talented producer Ashka from the renowned sample pack label AOTBB, this collection brings the vibrant fusion of Latin rhythms and Afrobeat grooves to your music production arsenal. This product includes Loops, MIDI compositions, and One Shot Samples designed for the Afrobeat genre, Royalty-Free and compatible with any DAW.


Dive into the rhythm with tempos ranging from 95 bpm to 106 bpm, offering a versatile range for your creative exploration.


Immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Latin Tropical vibes, syncopated rhythms, and ethnic elements. The pack features an array of authentic instruments, including Rhodes, acoustic Spanish guitar, Sax, Vocals, Bells, Brass, and Piano. Feel the pulse with bass loops utilizing 808s and sub-bass loops.

Drum Elements:

Elevate your beats with meticulously crafted drum elements. From Kick and Snare to Conga, Rim shots, Shakers, Timbal, and Bongo, the pack provides a diverse selection of percussive elements. Explore full drum loops, Hi-hats, cymbals, and discover the rhythmic magic within.

One Shot Samples:

Fine-tune your sound with a comprehensive collection of drum one-shots. Choose from Snare, Kicks, Rim shots, Drum Rolls, Percussion, FX, Hi-hats, and cymbals to infuse your tracks with dynamic percussive elements.

Royalty-Free License:

Release your music commercially hassle-free. The "KU LU SA VOL 4" sample pack comes with a royalty-free license, allowing you to use these captivating sounds and compositions in your productions without limitations.

What's Included:

  • 126 WAV Loops (Drums, Melody, and Vocals)
  • 31 MIDI Files for enhanced flexibility
  • 71 One-Shots for precise customization
  • High-quality 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV format
  • BPM and Key Labeled for easy integration into your projects
  • Total Number of Files: 228
  • File Size: 573.7 MB

Add to your cart now and experience the magic of Latin-inspired Afrobeat sounds and compositions.

Note: Compatible with all major DAWs, this sample pack provides the essential tools for producers across various genres seeking to infuse their music with the vibrant energy of Latin and Afrobeat influences.