Where the heartbeat of South African rhythm comes alive with a unique direction of that loved Deep House sound.

Welcome to my Amapiano Sample Pack Reviews, where I break down my favorite music production tools for creating the Best Amapiano tracks. These are the best Amapiano sample packs in the industry from world-renowned Sample Pack labels.

Amapiano isn't just music; The scene is a rush, an invitation to dance, and an escape to a world where every beat creates excitement and celebration. As a music producer, diving into the genre feels like discovering a vibrant new palette for sonic expression. The groove, rhythm, and syncopation feel fresh and sophisticated, incorporating influences from various music styles while maintaining its roots in African music traditions.

These reviews are my journey through the pulsating beats, soulful music, and infectious energy that defines Amapiano. Expect to hear about log drum samples, shakers, Plucks, soulful piano riffs, and dance floor rocking beats, each instrument unravels the genre's unique magic.

I'll share the vibe and the pure joy these products inject into my music. Every product is a dance with creativity and a celebration of the eclectic world of Amapiano.

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Product Features Benefits
AOTBB - Pretoria - 222 loops, 108 MIDI files - Authentic Amapiano sound
- Total creative control with MIDI files
- 159 one-shot samples for beat building
- 100% royalty-free use for commercialization
AOTBB - Hijazy: Ethnic - 152 WAV files, 107 MIDI patterns, Latin influence - Tropical holiday feel with Latin influence
- Endless inspiration for crafting unique tracks
- Pristine 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV quality
- Massive 900MB size
- Royalty-free licensing for commercial use
Seven Sounds - Amapiano Rhythms - Male vocal parts, 95 samples, 10 MIDI compositions - Human vibes and catchy qualities with male vocal parts
- Well-structured song elements
- Diverse percussive and melodic elements
- Royalty-free license for commercial music release
AOTBB - KUNJANI - 152 WAV loops, 98 MIDI files, Laidback beach vibes - Captivating loops and versatile MIDI files
- Laidback beach vibes in drum and percussion loops
- BPM and Key labeling for easy integration
- 100% royalty-free for true artistic freedom
PIANOLISA: AMAPIANO LOOPS - 186 WAV Loops, 130 MIDI Files, Authentic vibes - Creative sanctuary for crafting authentic Amapiano grooves
- MIDI inclusion for beat and composition control
- Immersive experience into Amapiano's syncopated bliss
- Speedy workflow and high-quality production
KORSA - 143 WAV loops, 36 MIDI compositions, Vocal snippets - Uplifting and euphoric vibes with diverse loop elements
- Total control with MIDI files
- Meticulously recorded compositions capturing the soul of African house
- Ideal for lush and authentic Amapiano production
AMAPIANO LORD - Over 125 WAV files, 50 MIDI files, 481 one-shots, FL Studio presets - Expansive pack with diverse instruments for efficient composition
- Unparalleled flexibility with MIDI files
- Impeccable 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV quality
- 100% royalty-free license for crafting authentic tracks

AOTBB - Pretoria

Full of Syncopated rhythms and smooth Dancehall Vibes with an Authentic sound.

AOTBB - Pretoria Amapiano Samples and MIDI

As a music producer immersed in the Amapiano scene, AOTBB - Pretoria is a total game-changer for me. Packed with syncopated rhythms with smooth Dancehall vibes, it not only brings an authentic Amapiano sound but significantly enhances the quality and creativity of my productions.

With 222 loops covering a range of tempos and 108 Amapiano MIDI files for ultimate creative control, this pack has become my secret weapon. It's like I can create music like Amapiano legends, channeling the vibes of De Mthuda and DJ Maphorisa into my tracks effortlessly.

The MIDI compositions are a revelation, offering absolute control over the composition, key, tempo, and chord progressions. It's like having a collaborator who understands the intricacies of Amapiano, guiding me to craft tracks that capture the genre's essence.

The 159 one-shot samples are great to load into a sampler, they allow me to build beats and compositions aligning flawlessly with the Amapiano spirit. This product allows unrestricted creativity, facilitated by the 100% royalty-free use, giving me the freedom to commercialize my music without constraints or concerns.

In a nutshell, if you're after the soul of Amapiano in your music, PRETORIA is the golden ticket. It's not just a pack; it's the missing piece that turns your tracks into pure Amapiano magic.


Tropical holiday feel, Latin influence with Instruments such as Whistles, Spanish guitar, and Flute.

AOTBB - Hijazy Amapiano Samples

Hijazy has a slightly different take on the South African sound! The Latin-infused vibes and tropical instruments like whistles and a flute add a different flavor. With 152 WAV files and 107 MIDI patterns, I found endless inspiration, crafting unique tracks that stand out. 

The MIDI control is a game-changer—every note, key, and tempo at my fingertips. One-shots? Perfect for custom drum patterns.

The 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV quality is pristine, and being royalty-free is a massive plus. Size? A whopping 900MB.

In summary, Hijazy isn't just a sample pack; it's my go-to for creating music with some ethnic-sounding brilliance.


Male Vocal parts and phrases, including Song structures and song starters, Offers human vibes and an Airy spacious feel.

Seven Sounds - Rhythms Amapiano Sample Pack

Seven Sounds' "Amapiano Rhythms" is a compact powerhouse that exceeded my expectations. Despite its smaller size, the pack offers a perfect entry point with well-structured song elements and starters. The inclusion of male vocal parts, enriched with a vocoder and modern effects, injects human vibes and catchy qualities into my tracks.

With 95 expertly crafted samples, this pack covers all bases. The 27 one-shots provide diverse percussive and melodic elements, while the 3 music loops, 17 instrumentals, and 19 drum loops deliver authentic African grooves. The addition of 10 MIDI compositions grants creative control over melodies, drums, and percussion.

The Male vocal recordings are the standout feature, with 12 hooks (wet/dry) and 7 using a vocoder, FX. These add a superior quality, making my tracks stand out. The pack's velocity and swing programming create an airy, spacious feel, enhancing the overall Amapiano experience.

This pack is great for anyone diving into the genre, or seeking fresh inspiration. With a royalty-free license, it's an extremely high-quality addition if you looking to release commercial music.


Laidback beach Vibes, Vocals, and Groovy melody lines

AOTBB - KUNJANI Construction Kit

AOTBB's 'KUNJANI is my go-to for crafting authentic Amapiano music. With 152 captivating WAV loops, 98 versatile MIDIs, and 82 impactful one-shots, I believe this construction kit encapsulates the heart of the African Dance Scene. The laidback beach vibes are palpable in the hypnotic drum and percussion loops, enchanting melodies, and grinding bass patterns.

MIDI inclusion is a game-changer, offering complete control over the project. Inspired by legends, the kit allows deconstruction and refinement of compositions, fostering limitless creative possibilities. The addition of single-hit samples empowers dynamic beat creation, while the diverse tempos, ranging from 111bpm to 117bpm, ensure versatility.

With professional-grade 44.1kHz / 24-Bit WAV quality, BPM and Key labeling, and 100% royalty-free, 'KUNJANI' is a sonic playground for music exploration offering professional-grade quality and true artistic freedom.


Authentic and upbeat Vibes, using great piano riffs.

Pianolisa loops-and-beats

Pianolisa's Amapiano has become my creative sanctuary. With 186 WAV Loops, 130 MIDI Files, and 175 One-Shots, it's a great toolkit for crafting authentic productions. The MIDI inclusion offers control over beats and compositions as well as a learning tool to understand rhythmic and melodic patterns. 

The compositions, ranging from piano riffs to upbeat vibes, capture the genre's essence effortlessly. This pack isn't just samples; it's an immersion into syncopated bliss. Crafting tracks with Electric and acoustic Pianos, Bass, Claps, Kicks, and more has never been smoother. With inspirations from Kabza De Small to DJ Maphorisa, Pianolisa is my go-to for a speedy workflow resulting in high-quality productions.


Uplifting and euphoric vibes with Vocal snippets

KORSA Amapiano Samples

KORSA: Royalty-Free Amapiano Samples is my sonic playground for crafting infectious rhythms and grooves. With 143 WAV loops, 36 MIDI compositions, and vocals, it's a rich palette of uplifting vibes. The 12 bass, 79 drum, 39 melody, and 13 vocal samples offer diverse elements for every track layer. 

The MIDI files provide total control, letting me shape the rhythmical grooves with ease. The meticulously recorded compositions, ranging from piano to saxophone, capture the soul of African house. Produced by Ashka, KORSA is my go-to for lushness and authenticity.


Large Pack, Also a great selection of log drum samples including a FL studio preset pack, and a modern vibe

Amapiano Lord Loops and One Shots

Amapiano Lord by AOTBB is a game-changer for music production enthusiasts. This expansive pack, curated by Ashka, features over 125 WAV files, 50 MIDI files, 481 one-shots, and 60 FL Studio presets, delivering a modern vibe that resonates with the genre's rhythmic and energetic essence. 

The dynamic sample selection spans instruments like Log Drum, Rhodes, Sax, and more, providing efficiency in composition and a solid rhythmic foundation. The MIDI files offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for creative exploration and learning from Amapiano production techniques. With impeccable 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV quality and a 100% royalty-free license, Amapiano Lord stands as a versatile toolkit for crafting authentic tracks.

The world of Amapiano comes alive through a diverse collection of sample packs, each carefully crafted to provide producers with an immersive experience of the infectious groove and captivating sounds of this South African music scene. Whether you're in search of the perfect loop, drum kit, or vocal sample, the extensive variety available in these sample packs offers a sonic playground for artists and producers.

Browse through our curated selection of sample packs to find the best samples, loops, and kits that encapsulate the unique essence of Amapiano music. From rhythmic percussion to melodic one-shots, these packs are designed to provide the perfect sounds to make your next top-charting track. With elements ranging from catchy hi-hats to atmospheric risers, each sample pack is a carefully crafted toolkit, allowing you to create the next hit track with ease.

Feel the vibe, download the rhythm, and explore the captivating world of Amapiano through our diverse collection of sample packs. Elevate your music production journey with the best products and unlock the potential to make the next chart-topping track that captures the spirit of South African rhythm and the global allure of this genre.