Discover the best guitar sample packs; performed by real musicians and recorded in world-class studios.

We proudly offer some of the best guitar sample packs available today! Yes, I know that's a bold claim, but let me explain why I'm so confident.

This carefully picked collection of sample packs features performances by professional and award-winning guitarists, each bringing a distinct sound and style. Recorded in high-quality studios with top-of-the-line amplification and processing equipment, every sample guarantees exceptional quality, warmth, and crystal-clear clarity.

Whether you're looking for finger plucking Arpeggios, Jazz-influenced chord progressions, groovy riffs, or technical guitar solos, these samples will provide you with the best sounds in the business.

This is a rundown of 4 guitar sample packs which are a step above the rest.

Check out the demos to hear the products in action.

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Rory Ronde Jazz Guitar Samples

Award Winning Jazz Guitarist recordings out of Flowrider studios

First on our list is a guitar sample pack featuring performances by the legendary guitarist Rory Ronde. If you haven't heard of him, Rory is an established musician with multiple awards in the Jazz scene for his musicianship and album releases. These performances were captured using Rory's unique, high-profile equipment, and recorded in a stunning acoustic environment with an impressive selection of microphones and outboard analog mixing and processing equipment.

This pack is more than just amazing guitar recording; it also includes bass performances, drum loops, pianos, keyboards, and a wide array of analog synthesizers. A dynamic music production tool for Jazz, Soul, and Disco music.

Waywell's Lofi Guitar Sample Pack

A progressive Psychedelic Journey with Syncopated Guitar Riffs and Jazz style Chord Progressions

Next, we have a unique product by Lofi guitarist and producer Waywell. Known for his hypnotizing rhythms and psychedelic productions, Waywell is a musical wizard who will take you on a journey with his synths, samples, and guitars. This product is not your standard guitar loops; Mesmerize your listeners by bringing this huge talent into your studio. Perfect for Pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, and Lofi. 

Supreme Chops - Kotokid. Jazz and Soul Samples

Jazz fusion Artist delves into a range of genres, includes guitars and vocals recorded and processed with high-quality analog equipment.

Our third recommended Guitar Sample Pack is performed by Jazz fusion artist Kotokid. Although not exclusively a guitar pack, it features over 100 guitar loops and 75 guitar one-shots recorded at the legendary Flowriders Studio. Kotokid utilizes a wealth of recording and processing equipment and a variety of high-quality instruments and amplifiers, all recorded in an exquisite acoustic environment.

This purpose-built sample pack includes multi-track construction arrangements, small song structures, loops, and single hits of bass, guitar, drums, keys, a Rhodes piano, and female vocals with harmonizing backing. All sounds are recorded through a Studer A 800 MK III 2” Tape machine and mixed through an SSL4000E Console, previously owned by Sir Paul McCartney. File names include information on microphones such as the Neumann U47 and AEA R92 Ribbon, and instruments like the Fender Rhodes, Fender Precision Bass, Minimoog, and Roland RS 09 String Ensemble.

Recorded at 90bpm and feature chord progressions, chord stabs, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, acoustic drum kit grooves, melodies, and Jazz riffs, using multiple microphone combinations to achieve a range of sounds from clean Neo Soul drums to a distorted "Thunder Cat" vibe. Perfect for commercial-quality Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion, and R&B productions.

Pepper & NNik's Lofi Acoustic Guitar Samples

Recordings of a delicately played nylon-strung acoustic guitar, made with Lofi in mind.

Lastly, the newest guitar toolkit in our collection includes finger-plucking melodic masterpieces. Produced by Pepper and NNik, who have worked with labels such as LOLA (Universal Music), Mellofi Records, and the Retune Project, with millions of streams worldwide. This is an amazing collection of nylon-strung acoustic guitar performances recorded using quality microphones such as the AKG 414 and Austrian Audio CC8, through SSL preamps and IGS FET compression. A fantastic way to introduce melodic human performance and set yourself apart in this clinically digital landscape.

Features for all mentioned products

  • Featuring real guitarists
  • Royalty-free
  • 24bit WAV
  • Compatible with major DAW's
  • Professional recording equipment
  • Labeled with Tempo information
  • Organized files based on Key/Scale.

All our sample packs come with a royalty-free license, permitting you to use the recordings and compositions in your music productions without any royalty share or extra admin. We believe these are the best guitar samples on the market today and we are sure you will think so too.

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