Transmission Samples are extremely proud to be working with such talented producers involved with Banger Samples. Fronted by house and tech house producers with releases on a multitude of labels including Dirtybird, Nervous, Toolroom, Black Book Records, Hot Creations and many others.

Banger Samples have been providing the high quality Royalty free sounds made by real industry professionals since late 2019. The label has developed a fan base of passionate House, Tech House DJs & producers worldwide and helped thousands of clients bring real success in the studio. Surrounded by an exciting collection of industry professionals and in-house guest producers, within the last few years the label has worked with high performing brands and companies which resulted in huge praise from top music producers & DJs who have created successful music releases with banger house products.

Here are some of Transmission Samples recommendations!

Funky Grooves

This product features drum patterns, modular loops, synth loops, one shots and FX compiled as an array of handcrafted audio and MIDI files, designed to maximize your workflow during your next studio session. Furthermore, this sample pack includes six seductive song starter kits, to give you that head start.

Click the link for the product; Funky Grooves

Listen to the demo here

Classic House

Classic House Essentials collection includes over 390 samples and weighs over 1.20 GB designed to give you easy access to an infusion of free sounds from one of the main crossover mixes of new school and classic house music

Click the link for the product; Classic House

Listen to the demo here

BANGER SAMPLES · Classic House Essentials [Sample Pack + Kits]

Modern Tech Grooves
Banger by name banger by sample, tech house fans will appreciate this one. Its a construction kit with focus on detail and dynamics. This pack features everything from single shots and analog loops, to unique percussion fills and construction kits.

Link For this product Modern Tech Samples
Listen to Modern tech house demo here

Universal Tech-House
On our Tech House Journey, 'Universal Tech House' takes your productions to the next level with tech-infused Drum Grooves, inspiring Synth Lines, sub rumble Basslines, Percussion Fill Loops, Background Tape Noise Loops and Construction Kits. This product is aimed at the forward-thinking producer and primed to take your dance productions from your studio to the dancefloor.

Link For this product Universal Tech House
Listen to Universal tech house demo here